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Nikolaus Refsland is a combat veteran in the iowa national guard pictured here in Afghanistan
SFC Nikolaus Refsland - 2011
Founder of DSM Swag

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Fight the Recession

     My family almost didn't get a paycheck during my last deployment because Congress couldn't decide on a budget.  I came home to people protesting in the street about corporate greed.  I watched friends and family unemployed and feeling hopeless.  Many people where demanding a solution from the same Government that could not even pay its own bills.  

     I got mad, and when I get really mad I have no interest in pointing out blame.  I just want to fight.  I swore to defend America and that includes the American Dream.  So how does an Infantryman do economic recovery?                       Get an army, and put them in the fight.  

You wanna help? Great, let's get started:

Who do you want to see succeed in your community?  

Do you know a local business owner who is doing it right?  

What amazing local place or event do you wish more people knew about?  

Who is trying to make a difference but needs help to get the word out?  

Let them know about this website, and help empower local!

Create a community of local advocates motivated to explore and promote locally owned businesses using the power of an honestly free offer.

Strengthen the Economy



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